Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Sensory Bin

Here is our February sensory bin. It is Valentine's Day themed with winter leftovers. Our January sensory bin wasn't quite as fun as I imagined it being, so I changed the cotton balls out for white beans. My original intention was to keep the same basics and add in some Valentine's Day colors and shapes, but I didn't go with that plan. Actually, I was forced to use only what I had on hand because we are actually snowed in (my husband is digging us out as I type).

I started with three pounds of great northern beans. I put the white plastic doves and silver bells from January's bin back in. Then I added red plastic jewels, pink and purple pom poms, red feathers, red and white pony beads, heart shaped erasers, and red yarn bows.

The "scoops" are the tools my boys use the most with these bins. Our scoops for this month our two clean laundry detergent caps, a red baby bottle cap, and a pink popsicle mold bottom. I can almost guarantee that the baby bottle cap and popsicle bottom will be what they fight over. Why buy new scoops when they prefer these random odds and ends?

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  1. I saw your comment on Preschoolers and Peace and followed the link. I loved your ideas for the sensory bins and made one up for my kids! Thanks for the ideas! I linked to you on my blog post about the bin I put together.