Friday, February 18, 2011

Introduction to the Holimonth

I have decided to start celebrating "holi-months" instead of holidays at our house. I have so many ideas for things I want to do for upcoming holidays, but some times the holiday sneaks up on you or some times some one gets sick or some times the unexpected just steals your time. And before you know it, it is suddenly February 15th! Valentine's Day has come and gone and although you have completed and handed out the valentines, you haven't got around to the heart artwork you wanted to do nor the heart gingerbread cookies (which are left over from Christmas because I was sick and my husband had to do them with the kids, and although I am so glad he was willing and able to do it, even he admitted they just weren't quite the same).

When I was deciding last night what to do for art today, I thought that maybe I should just get a head start on St. Patrick's Day and everything green. Or maybe we could do some flowers, because it does feel like spring here with the snow melted and all. But being the only female in the house, I take every opportunity I can get to paint pink and purple hearts. I have to balance out all those guns and trucks and yelling and all sorts of boy stuff, with some pink hearts -- at least for my sanity. So for today, February 18th, we painted hearts in celebration of Valentine's Day. I got the idea to have my boys mix red and blue to make purple and then white to make shades from Art Projects for Kids blog. Since I wasn't sure they would do as well with the small heart print out, I made heart templates from cereal boxes for them to trace onto large paper. After they traced as many hearts as they wanted, I gave them their paints, showed them how to mix them without mixing it all into one color (which you know is going to happen in the end anyway), and let them at it.

Happy Valentine's Month!

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