Monday, February 21, 2011

LEGO Party: Everything Else

This is the last post telling you about our LEGO birthday party. Decorations are not my thing. If you have seen my house, you know that. So our decorations weren't artsy, they were simple. My birthday boy suggested that we gather some vases and put LEGO pieces in them. Great idea! 

The wrapping for our gift was not planned. It just happened when I went to wrap his present late at night before his birthday and realized we didn't have any wrapping paper. The brown paper was the best thing we had, but then I remembered reading about a LEGO font when I was looking for ideas for our party. I printed the above (plus his name), outlined it with a yellow Sharpie, cut it out, and glued it to a piece of red construction paper. He loved his impromptu wrapping paper (and the LEGO gift inside).

To entertain our guests we planned several activities. We had LEGO coloring pages ready to color with our LEGO shaped crayons. We had a contest to see who could make the most realistic looking LEGO from playdough. This picture shows the winning pieces from the adult contestants.

We played a LEGO version of "Hot Potato". We also had the classic "Guess the Items in the Jar", and of course we used LEGO pieces. We ended with several fun games of LEGO BINGO. The kids did not want to stop playing this!

Our goody bags contained the crayons, soap, and candy I made. The decorations on these bags may be the only original thing I did for this party. I am still surprised that it looked pretty good in the end. I used my kid's washable paint and painted the actual LEGO bricks, and then I stamped them on the paper bags. 

When the paint was dry, I drew the outline of the brick with colored markers. Then I added some curling ribbon, and after my husband showed me again how to curl ribbon with scissors, I did my best to curl them.

If you are able to use any of these ideas for your LEGO party, I would be thrilled if you could leave a comment to tell me how it worked for you!


  1. Great ideas. The bags look good enough to sell.

  2. I am seriously flabbergasted at your talent. If my son saw this post, he would TOTALLY wish you were his mom! :) What a fun party! :)
    Blessings to you and yours today...