Friday, January 7, 2011

January Sensory Bin

Here is our Sensory Bin for January. I guess I didn't make it to Dollar Tree soon enough (apparently winter doesn't come after Christmas in the marketing world) because I couldn't find anything I was wanting to put in this winter themed sensory bin. I was hoping to find some snowflakes or mittens or winter animals, but I didn't. Most of the items in this bin were random craft supplies I already had on hand.

This sensory bin includes:

Cotton balls
Fake snow sprinkles
A little tinsel
Blue pom poms
Curls of blue ribbon
Blue striped drinking straws cut to various lengths
White plastic doves

I started the bin with cotton balls, added the various blue and silver items, and topped it all off with a little tinsel and fake snow. However, if you plan to use this type of tinsel or fake snow, I would recommend putting it in before you put in all the little items.

The boys liked these little white doves, but I don't think they realized there were so many in there because they got lost in the white cotton balls. I don't really think of doves as winter animals, but they were white and as I said, I couldn't find anything else.

I was afraid that I was going to regret putting the tinsel and fake snow in the bin, but it didn't make very much of a mess. I was also careful to put just a little of each in, so maybe that helped to minimize the mess. Or maybe I am just not as bothered by messes as I used to be.


  1. Would love to hear what all you do with the boys with the sensory bin. Is it just for exploring or do you incorporate school work with it?
    Sounds like something fun to do.

  2. It is mostly for them to explore. My two boys play together in it and do things that I would never think to do with the stuff that is in there. I usually let them play in it when I am doing something else, but you could do all sorts of activities like sorting, making patterns, stacking, and more depending on what is in the bin.

  3. Thanks! I think this is something I'll start doing at home.

  4. I love this idea! I think I'll get some together for my little girls for this coming school year! They will love it (and I'm thinking the big kids will too!).