Thursday, January 27, 2011

LEGO Party Food

My son recently had a LEGO-themed birthday party. I shared here about the LEGO crayons and soaps I made for the party. We also had LEGO shaped food to eat. You know it tastes better in that shape!

Both adults and children were invited to our party, and to make lunch easier, I made two pizzas for the adults before the party. I made each pizza crust in a 9x13 pan. One pizza had eight slices of canadian bacon and the other had round slices of american cheese on top of the mozzarella cheese. Somehow during the excitement of the party I didn't get a picture of these until they were already cut and half eaten.

It was supposed to look like a LEGO brick.

The kids got to make their own LEGO shaped pizzas. I planned to make them resemble the common 4x2 LEGO brick by placing eight pieces of pepperoni on top. However, that ended up making a pretty big individual pizza, so I made several different sized pizza crusts for the kids to choose from.

Before the party I cut american cheese slices into circles using a small Tupperware container. I separated them with wax paper and set them out for the kids to use. Apparently the lure of pepperoni was stronger than the time I spend cutting out numerous cheese circles, because only a couple cheese circles were used. But that's OK, we used them on the leftover crust for lunch the next week!

We also had Jell-O jigglers shaped like LEGO bricks and men.

We had plenty of candy bricks and men made from candy melts. Don't look too close or you will see the tiny parts of the studs on the bricks that are missing because I could not get the LEGO trays dry in between batches of candy.

And, of course, we used the LEGO Ice Cube Trays to make some ice too.

I had some other plans for the birthday cake, but as time ran out I decided to do cupcakes. This made it the easiest birthday cake I have done for my kids. The magic was all in the 1M decorating tip that I used. If you can squeeze the bag of frosting and move your hand in a spiral, you can make these too with this tip.

If I had to do it again, I would have had the party in the afternoon and skipped the pizzas. I forget that other kids don't have the appetite my boys do. Or maybe it was just that they were so excited about the games that they couldn't eat. Probably not, but if you want to see what we did for decorations, games, and party favors, check back later for my last LEGO birthday party post.


  1. How did you get your jello out of the molds? I just tried my first batch and it was a disaster. I used hot water. Help??!!

  2. Hi Brigitte!

    I sprayed them with plenty of non-stick cooking spray before I poured the Jell-O in. It doesn't really affect the taste, and they pop right out. Good luck!